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Oh, God: Justin Bieber Wants to Buy Michael Jackson’s Neverland

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Poor Michael Jackson must be spinning in his grave like a whirling dervish given all the bullshit that’s gone down since his death. Not only has his family gone bonkers as they fight over his money and his estate, but his poor kids are suffering and now Justin Bieber wants to buy his Neverland ranch. Does it ever end?

From The Sunday People:

Justin Bieber is looking to buy his idol Michael Jackson’s beloved Neverland so he can escape the madness of central Los Angeles, the Sunday People can reveal.

The troubled pop teen last week sent his team to view the sprawling ranch in the sleepy Californian town of Los Olivios, two hours’ drive from where he currently lives.

Bieb’s management are desperate for him to live somewhere quieter, away from the temptation of nights out and women. They are worried about his meltdown, which has been going on since March when he had a bust up with a British photographer.

The star is looking at four ranches in total, but Justin, 19, has told his bosses he wants to turn Jacko’s old home back to its former glory.

A source close to the Baby singer revealed: “Justin has been caught up in a fair amount of trouble lately so the best thing is for him to get out of central LA and live a quieter life.

“His team genuinely fear for him and want him to calm down and be happy. They’ve found the ideal solution, which is to move him to a ranch hours out of the city where he won’t be constantly hounded.

“Neverland is up for sale so it’s a no-brainer for Justin, he would love to live there. Michael Jackson is his idol. The only issue is that it is rundown and would need a fair amount of work.”

Here’s the thing: Justin might need to stay out of trouble, but what makes anyone think he won’t turn Neverland into a place to bring all his hoodlum friends to cause trouble? It’s not LA that’s the problem, it’s that little shit stain of a “superstar” who is surrounded by enablers on a daily basis because they don’t want to lose their jobs. When baby cries, gotta change his diaper or give him food! Make sure to keep him happy… or he might spit on you! Please.

I doubt this will happen, but if it does… well, I don’t know what, then. He’ll probably burn that place to the ground – figuratively speaking, but perhaps literally, too.

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  • For God’s sake, PLEASE STOP CALLING HIM “JACKO!” His name is MICHAEL JACKSON!!! As to the “shit stain” you are talking about, I AGREE! He should NOT be allowed within a thousand miles of NEVERLAND!! That Santa Maria “ASSHOLE” destroyed what magic was left in Michael’s heart, and in Neverland!!

  • Justin Bieber No puede comprar neverland !! ya que eso es de Michael y de sus hijos y el no tiene ningun derecho ha hacer lo q se le pege la gana con las cosas de michael , Michael es leyenda , justin es moda el no tiene por q estar ahi , definitivamente no estoy de acuerdo por que el no tienen que meter la nariz en donde no le encumbe eso deberia de ser como un museo para todos sus fans etc.., pero q justin sea el due~o jamas !!!! MICHAEL SIEMPRE SERA EL DUE~O ESTE EN LA TIERRA O NO !, SIEMPRE SERA DE EL !, GAYBER date cuenta eso no va a funcionar por que nosotras lo vamos a impedir

  • Watch Justin Bieber’re not going to buy Neverland because that is not yours that’s of Michael Jackson and his children … If you want to move your haste one mansion suspuesta your mind because you have money, what is Michael Jackson nobody will grab and less a duck like you!