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Justin Bieber Looks For Girls With A Flashlight, Gets In Fight Over a Bowtie

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I’m not sure how slow news was this week that this had to be a thing, but I guess Justin Bieber went to a nightclub (duh) and was there looking for girls, but since the club was super crowded and very dark, he had to be resourceful and… use a flashlight to seek them out? He was at the South Pointe club in the Hamptons last Sunday and thought the flashlight would get girls’ attention. Then, when it worked on two gold diggers, he got in some big fight over a bowtie? I don’t even know.

From the New York Daily News:

Diana Bhokasub, 24, and Sophia Rayo, 32, were handpicked by the “Beauty and the Beat” crooner to accompany him back to the private home where he was staying after meeting them at the South Pointe club in Southampton.

The women witnessed a fight early Sunday that started in the club and spilled into the parking lot.

Super-brat Bieber, 19, had to be held back by his “intimidating” and “overbearing” security crew from going after a man he had been jawing with, witnesses said.

The Biebs, wearing sunglasses and a backward baseball cap, got into a “heated exchange” with 22-year-old Wayne Rennalls — who definitely isn’t a so-called Belieber .

Rennalls, of Hampton Bays, got into it with Bieber’s crew after he chased after one of the waitresses getting into the singer’s car to retrieve a bow tie he had loaned her, witnesses said.

The bodyguards didn’t like Rennalls getting near Bieber’s ride and gave him a beatdown instead of his bow tie. He ended up in a hospital with bruised ribs and a black eye, sources said.

Oh, God. Can this fake ass “thug” calm down already? I just can’t with this kid. Or with these desperate ass females, one of which thought that as a 32-year-old woman, grinding against Justin Bieber’s 19-year-old baby weiner was a fun time. Girl, no. Both of them had to sign non-disclosure agreements, apparently, so that they can’t spill the beans about their night with Baby Elvis, but then I don’t think that’s something I’d ever want to recount to anyone. Won’t someone just punch him in the face already?