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“We Had A Surrogate. It Wasn’t A Secret” — Jimmy Fallon On His Daughter’s Birth

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Jimmy Fallon and his wife, Nancy Juvonen, welcomed their baby girl Winnie Rose into the world a few weeks ago. And now he’s revealed that they welcomed her via surrogate. This explains why I was so surprised that a wild baby suddenly appeared. As he told the Today show (via Daily News),

It wasn’t really a secret, but my wife and I have been trying for a while to have a baby. And so we’ve tried a bunch of things. And so we had a surrogate. This time [trying to have kids], we just said we’re not telling anybody. It’d just be more fun if it was just private between me and my wife, and we get to introduce her to everybody. When it happened, we were shocked.

Good for them! Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick also used a surrogate. Juvonen is 46, which is perhaps why they decided to go with a surrogate, but Halle Berry is also 46 and is pregnant with a baby boy. So I guess it really depends on the individual. And science and shit. Biology.

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“Breaking Bad” premieres Sunday. It’s kind of on my mind.

People are also insisting that Beyoncé used a surrogate, but I’m not touching that one.