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Why Are British Government Officials PISSED With Kelly Clarkson?

kelly clarkson CMA 2013

Kelly Clarkson angered a nation, or at least the batshit crazy Jane Austen fans part of it — when she had the audacity to buy a piece of Austen’s jewelry at an auction. Wow, what a bitch!!!! Ms. Clarkson won the ring for a staggering $228,000. But now British officials want the piece to stay in their country.

From Digital Spy:

Culture minister Ed Vaizey has placed a temporary hold on the item which will keep it on British soil until September 30. This can be extended to December 30 if a new buyer comes forward and intends to match Clarkson’s winning bid.

Vaizey told BBC News: “Jane Austen’s modest lifestyle and her early death mean that objects associated with her of any kind are extremely rare.

“So I hope that a UK buyer comes forward so this simple but elegant ring can be saved for the nation.”

If the ring fails to find a new buyer, Clarkson will be granted an export licence and have it flown out of the UK.

Then WHY was it even up for auction? And dude, I think the UK will somehow survive without Jane Austen’s ring.

Good luck, Kelly! Too bad this “culture minister” doesn’t love you as much as the producers of American Idol.

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  • Why not stipulate that beforehand or NOT auction it, if it is of such national importance. Couldn’t they sue her if she reneged on the deal? She put to be able to enforce the sale, right? If I spend 200 large on something, I’m not waiting for it until December.

  • Great, so it’s nice to know the British museum will finally return the Rosetta Stone and other antiquities it features to Egypt–I mean, they will, will they not? Since they believe that historical treasures should stay within the home nation? Right?

  • Bull Shit. If I were her I wouldn’t be letting it go for no “matching bid” Kelly owns it so she should be selling it for a profit IF she wants to even sell it? And like the others said if they only wanted it to go to someone from the UK they should have said so.

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