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Well, Nicki Minaj Thinks Pretty Highly of Herself

nicki minaj

One could never accuse Nicki Minaj of a lack of self-confidence. In a way, it’s sort of refreshing, if not expected – especially for a female in rap – but that doesn’t make it any less obnoxious at times. Case in point: Nicki is releasing a new perfume range, entitled… (wait for it)… MINAJESTY. You know, like ‘Her Majesty’ but with Nicki’s name put in it, since she’s a Queen and runs this shit, etc. Insert eye-roll here.

I’m not a fan of celebrity fragrances (though admittedly, Jennifer Aniston‘s is rather nice) and don’t really understand why they all feel the need to release one. Sure, it’s another way to get easy money because God knows stans are desperate and will buy any shit their idol is pedaling, but it’s just not good.

Nicki released the photo of the bottle on her Instagram page on Monday, also revealing that it’ll be available this fall. Want to know what it smells like? Well, here’s her description of it:

“#Minajesty smells like a passionate love affair. Mysterious and sexy. An unforgettable and hypnotizing scent.”

Something tells me I’ll wish I could forget it. She collaborated with Elizabeth Arden (the company, not the person) on the smell, which features “sultry floral gourmand with luscious fruits and luxurious fresh florals, draped in creamy vanilla and pure musks”. Blech, I feel like vomiting already. Seriously, that description makes me feel nauseous.

Speak up – are there ANY good celebrity scents? If so, which are your favs and which are the absolute worst?

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  • Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker is sophisticated and elegant. It is a close to the skin fragrance with notes of amber, rosewood and egyptian musks. It is perfect for crisp fall weather or cool summer nights. The frangrace lasts on skin 2-6 hours and 6+ on clothing.

    At $30-$50 per bottle it lives up to it’s name and is by far the best “celebrity” scent.

  • Jlo summer! I’m a closeted fan cause it’s jlo but i love how it smells…like summer- a mix of coconut, tanning oil and mango!
    They’ve dicontinued it though :(

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