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The Second Season of ‘Orange is the New Black’ Is Filming!

orange is the new black

Okay, so, have you all watched Orange is the New Black? I know, I know, no one will shut up about it and it’s everywhere – so much so that you’ve probably been put off watching it before you’ve even started. That’s how I felt 48 hours ago… until I finally caved and agreed to watch ONE episode. Let it be known that I’m now finished the entire first season. Yes, already – it’s that good!

I don’t know what it is about the show that’s so addicting. Even the unlikeable characters have their human sides and minor roles still get their chance to shine, pulling you in and making you feel like you’re sorta hanging out with people you know. It’s hard to explain, but chances are if you’ve watched and love the show, you know what I mean.

I won’t spoil anyone who hasn’t got there yet, but the end of the first season was a serious “HOLY SHIT, WTF?” moment that’s left open-ended until Netflix begins airing the second season in 2014. That’s so far away! :( At least we’re starting to get there, though – production on the next set of episodes began yesterday. Hurrah!

From an Entertainment Weekly interview with Matt McGorry (CO Bennett):

So when do you get started on season 2?
I assume I’m allowed to say this — we start Monday. [Note: that’s today!]

That’s great, because knowing season 2 is coming is the only thing that’s getting me through right now.
That’s what I’m hearing! The delirium tremens of Orange is the New Black. I should be getting a script any day, which as a fan, I’m very excited about. What Netflix has done and the risks they’ve taken are just kind of incredible, and I think not having to worry about ratings has allowed us to create a product that’s probably taken more risks than many others.

NICE. So who else has watched the show here? Who are your favourite characters? There are SO many good ones, but I think Sophia is at the top of mine, and Red (Captain Janeway for life!)… but really everyone is amazing. If you are one of the few who hasn’t watched this show, here’s the trailer for the first season below:

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