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Madonna Releases “#SecretProject” Trailer That Reveals… Well, Nothing

I absolutely adore Madonna for what she’s given to pop music and what an innovator she is, etc. That being said, I also think her ship has sorta sailed and she needs to enjoy her millions, raise her kids, do her humanitarian work and chill with the 20-something pop music crap. Leave it to the kids, girl – you had your day.

I mean, I realise I’m pleading to deaf ears here, because Madonna has just revealed her “#SecretProject” trailer, in which she gives some long voiceover about people in the world being afraid of those who are different and shit, but doesn’t really reveal what the hell it’s all about and what she’s doing. She’s collaborating with Steven Klein, but I’m afraid I can’t tell you what on, because who knows? And moreover, who cares?

I guess this is supposed to be provocative and make us wonder WHAT WILL MADGE DO NEXT? but instead I just sorta feel like, eh, whatever. I literally yawned while watching this, but that could be just because I didn’t sleep very well last night.

People on YouTube are speculating that she may be teasing a Lady GaGa duet, but… I have no idea why they would say that or what gave them that idea. What do you think? Do you think anything?