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Justin Bieber: Still Spitting, Never Not Spitting

**EXCLUSIVE** BALCONY BIEBER! Justin Bieber is caught trying to spit on unsuspecting fans below his Toronto hotel balcony

I’ve never seen someone who loves spitting as much as Justin Bieber (unless you count, like baseball players – I do not). I’m beginning to think maybe he has OCD or a problem that’s causing him to create too much saliva since he’s forever getting rid of it. At least this time, it wasn’t in someone’s face. Score!

The Biebs is touring in his home country at the moment (thanks for nothing on that one, Canada) and was staying at the Hazleton Hotel in Toronto with some friends. As fans gathered below his room’s balcony, Justin just leaned over and hocked one down to the street. Hope one of the Beliebers had a jar handy – they could sell that on eBay! OR extract the DNA and create their own Bieber Baby!

In all seriousness, this is fuckin’ nasty. I’m not squeamish about spitting – we’ve all had to get rid of mucous when we were forced to work even though we had an upper respiratory infection and couldn’t stop hacking it up – but this shit is not even necessary. Have a little decorum (LOL).

Here’s a video of the incident – from TMZ (of course) – below:

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  • On behalf of all Canadians, I would like to say, “sorry, everyone”. To be fair, it’s not our fault. He, and Avril Lavign, and Chad Krueger, and a bunch of others, may have been born on Canadian soil, but we as a nation are in no way affiliated with them.

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