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Who Was Courtney Love’s Top Choice To Play Her?

courtney love performing

Courtney Love was interviewed recently about all kinds of Courtney Love-ing bullshit, and the subject of a biopic came up. Ms. Love offered some of her top actress choices to play herself. (She loves to talk about casting, doesn’t she?) Her top pick was actually kind of surprising. From Huffington Post:

There was talk of a biopic a few years back. I think I changed my mind about it, but I did do a deal with Universal. Scarlett Johansson was into it; I was also into Michelle Williams. These were the people the studio offered to me. It wasn’t me choosing them.

But of those, guess who was her favorite?

I kind of liked Anna Faris, which everyone said I was insane for, but I thought she kind of looked a little bit like me, and she was a little prettier. [That’s] the whole point of Hollywood: I was offered to play Janis Joplin. I’m a little prettier than Janis Joplin so it’s always like that. Whatever.

Yeah, I get it. Not just the idea of Faris playing her, but also the idea of a “step above” someone playing someone else. I mean, of course. They’re actors playing “real people.” And most actors are attractive people.

Who would YOU cast as Courtney Love in a biopic?

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  • Amanda Bynes. Hah.

    Seriously though, I love old Hole especially their first album, Pretty on the Inside and then their second one, Live Through This. I was even “Miss World” for Halloween in 8th grade (I’m 30 yrs old, btw). I bet a really fcked up Cameron Diaz could pull it off. Or Ke$ha, lofuckingl. Check this out. Courtney kinda looks like Cameron a bit.