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Old School Gossip: Marilyn Monroe Hit With “Mystery Illness” Year Before She Died

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I found this article on Marilyn Monroe in Google’s newspaper archives, so this dates way back from to 1961. Apparently a year and a half before Ms. Monroe died, she suffered from a “mystery illness.” Could it have anything to do with her still suspicious death? Probably not, but it’s fun to speculate.

On February 9 of 1961, Marilyn Monroe was admitted into New York Hospital for “an illness of undetermined origin” after a near collapse. A doctor said that her condition was “satisfactory.” Those were the only details given.

The article also notes that a mere 2 weeks before, Marilyn divorced playwright Arthur Miller. Perhaps her “mystery illness” was stress related? The couple were married for 4 years and Monroe was devastated after their split. Rumor is a possible affair between Monroe and her co-star Yves Montand contributed to their breakup

Fun fact: When checking into hotels or hospitals, Marilyn Monroe liked to use the alias “Faye Miller.”

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