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Jay-Z Is Officially Dropping The Hyphen From His Name, I Guess


In what may be the most pointless story you’ll read today, Jay-Z has apparently decided to permanently drop the hyphen in his name to become Jay Z. No reason was given behind the decision (perhaps because whatever they came up with would be really stupid?) but it is what it is. Billboard editor Joe Levy announced the “news” on his Twitter page yesterday, whereupon lots of fans told him that this isn’t the first time Jay has tried this (even though it didn’t work the last time):

I mean, does this honestly matter? Is it honestly something people feel like wasting time on doing? He’s rich – does anything else matter? (LOL!)

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  • Hey that is “news” thanks now I can go on with my day just a little less comfortable that today a dropped Hyphen is considered news. Wait isn’t it time for Pee Dippy to change his name again/ It is still Pee Dippy right.