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Uh, Is Lady GaGa Okay?

I’m not really sure what’s going on with Lady GaGa lately, but something tells me whatever it is isn’t very good. She’s gearing up to release her new single/album/app but didn’t look too happy about it as she arrived at a recording studio in LA on Sunday. In fact, she looked vaguely… I dunno what the word is. Ill? Upset? Like a mental patient being carted off to an institution?

Not sure how I feel about what she’s done to her hair, either. I mean, that’s all very “in” at this point, but  it’s a bit strange. But GaGa is an ~artist~ so she needs to express herself and we all just need to shut up about it and let her get on with it, I suppose. Also, hilariously, she has a picture of herself in the car’s windshield:

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

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  • She does have Lupus & autoimmune diseases can cause a lot of issues with fatigue. Could be she’s going through a flare up (brought on from overwork/stress of getting a new album out) and she is fatigued or in pain. Or both.

    Not a fan of the hair. She looks like a Barbie doll that some 3-year-old has been at with scissors. :P

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