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Supermodels Have Skin Problems JUST LIKE US!

kate moss london 2013

Time for another supermodel beauty post, everyone! Don’t pretend you don’t care, there’s no joy in that. So what’s the latest in supermodel beauty tips? “Make-up artist to the stars” Charlotte Tilbury shared some info for Expose Entertainment:

Kate [Moss], Claudia [Schiffer] – they wake up like the rest of us. All right, they’re probably a bit more symmetrical. But Christ, if they don’t sleep because they’ve been up all night with the baby or they have a pimple or they’ve been travelling – they’re skin and bone like the rest of us. Same bloody problems.

A lot of these younger models … you wouldn’t even blink when they’re walking down the street. Then you put on the make-up and oh my God! It’s like being a magician. Don’t think it’s just because they’re amazing. You’re amazing as well and you can have a bit of that it should be for everyone.

Wow, it’s like now I hear Xtina’s “Beautiful” blasting in my head and I want to go run through a meadow. OKAY but seriously, she brings up some good points and I really like that she’s a make-up artist who isn’t spouting the same PR friendly bullshit like, “They know how it important it is to stay hydrated and maintain a proper sleep schedule! I’ve found that [product placement here] works best for puffy under eyes!”

And her last bit of advice, about believing that you’re amazing, reminds me of the words of wisdom we got from the Grace Kelly of our times.

Here’s a photo of said make-up artist Ms. Tilbury, at Fashion Rules exhibition on July 4. I like to know what these behind-the-scenes people look like. Curiosity’s sake.

Charlotte Tilbury fashion rules

Love her hair.

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