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The Racism On Big Brother Personally Offended Host Julie Chen

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We’ve all heard about the insane amounts of racism, homophobia and misogyny going on in this year’s Big Brother house and CBS’s failure to act upon it, so there’s nothing new there. Aaryn – the most obscenely offensive bitch amongst them – is even Head of Household this week (and decided to choose the Candice (black), Helen (Asian), Andy (gay) and Elissa (Rachel Reilly’s sister) to be “Have Not”s for the week, incidentally), giving her the most power in the house. Totally awesome punishment for a privileged, awful human being like Aaryn. Ah well, at least she doesn’t have a job when she gets voted out.

Anyhow, turns out Big Brother host Julie Chen – also Asian, if you haven’t figured that out – was pretty offended by some of the stuff being said in the house and took it personally. She spoke out about the incidents on The Talk on Monday morning (via ET Online):

“I have to be honest, it stung. Those things, in my opinion… it felt mean-spirited. It felt ugly and it felt mean.

“When I first found out that Aaryn [Gries], who is a 22-year-old girl, made anti-gay, anti-black and anti-Asian comments, I have to be honest, the Asian ones hit me the most. It stung. I took it personally. I’m a human being.”

She added: “The really sad part, it took me back to the ’70s when I was growing up in Queens and I was 7 years old getting bullied, being called a chink. I thought, ‘Wow, I haven’t heard comments like that [in years]’.

“The year is 2013. I felt ignorant, there are still people in the country who feel and act that way? Yes there [are]. It made me sad. She’s 22 and she’s college educated.”

I don’t even think you have to be a minority or gay or any of that to be disgusted at what’s been coming out of this group of assholes’ mouths. They’re horrible people. But I imagine it must sting that much more when it’s a form of discrimination you relate to. Personally, even the “queer” stuff didn’t bother me – Aaryn just sounds like another imbecile talking shit.

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  • Aaryn is definitely really bad about her comments but I wish CBS and even Julie Chen would address the racist and other disrespectful remarks from the other housguests. Gina Marie called welfare “n—– insurance” I mean that was super super racist and unless you watch the live feeds most people don’t know that she is a major problem too.

    Also two of the men *Spencer and Jeremy) on the show continually refer to all the females as cunts and one guy (Jeremy) refered to his showmance’s vagina as a meat wallet. Which is gross and offensive to women. I think ALL the houseguests should be aired out for saying such awful shit on TV.

    • Oh, I’m with you on this, for sure (and in fact wrote a whole serious feature on another site about this very issue) – it’s disgusting that this behaviour is so widespread in the house and yet CBS has done zero aside from say, “Eh, we don’t agree with it.” They agree with it enough to keep them in the house – were this, say, UK Big Brother, the housemates would have been removed from the house by now, but considering it would shorten their season since so many of them are at fault, we’re just supposed to let them get on with it, which is disgusting. The worst part is that they’re continuing with this speech despite repeated warnings because they obviously know by now there won’t be any consequences.

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