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I Kind Of Hope Amanda Bynes Gets Arrested For Her Obama Tweet

amanda bynes court hearing

Amanda Bynes is really grasping at straws here. Or tweets. Her latest “You’re ugly” twitter attack is none other than the President of the United States, Barack Obama, and the first lady, Michelle Obama. Because why not just go for it, right? Sometimes the FBI or Homeland Security or I don’t know who the f-ck does this, but sometimes seemingly harmless negative tweets about the President get investigated and the tweeters get a lovely surprise visit from the “We want so badly to arrest your ass, we’ll take anything as an attack on the President” police. I kind of hope that’s what happens here. Yeah, she didn’t go as far as this random-ass actress and send anthrax-laced letters to the Pres, but I hope Bynes is investigated and maybe even a little bit arrested. That would be really fun. And hilarious. And I’m getting sick of her “You’re ugly!” tweets. Grow the f-ck up, Amanda.

Here’s the tweet:

amanda bynes obama tweet

I will say that I’m really liking her description on her twitter account, which reads simply, “Your Wife”.

My guess is Bynes is still holding a grudge that Obama didn’t didn’t fire the cop who arrested her in her drunk driving case.

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  • You hope Amanda Bynes is investigated and arrested for saying the President and his wife are ugly? I just don’t even know what to say to that.

  • LOL WHAT. Did you just make that thing about the FBI up completley? This isn’t North Korea, you can’t get arrested for calling someone ugly on twitter even if it is the president. I’d say the American Government has more important things to do than investigate Amanda Bynes on grounds of potentially plotting an attack on the president.

  • Are you kidding with the “I hope Amanda Bynes gets arrested” crap? You really have the mind of a child if you think our government should waste time on trying to censor how people think or feel.

    Some of your posts are cringe worthy, BUT I certainly do not feel you need to be investigated or arrested for them. Grow up.

  • You’re an idiot if you think ANYONE should be arrested for calling ANYONE ugly. I’m so glad I’m not the only commenter who thought that was ridiculous. Especially since thats where your country headed… Soon people WILL be getting arrested for this kind of shit, just wait and see. Be careful what YOU say.

  • whiners. all y’all. it’s celebrity gossip! take the stick out of your tight little buttholes, and sit down. those hating the writers, just don’t return. problem solved. unless you LIKE getting your feathers ruffled. AHH, i see how it is…

  • Wow.

    I hope a big rock, falls on your head and crushes your skull, putting us all out of our misery.

    What a moron.

  • I think it’s a joke when she says that. The way the press picks it up and runs with it – why shouldn’t she call people ugly? It keeps her on the gossip sites, right? I’m sure our fearless editor was joking too or has a black sense of humor. I find the thought semi-amusing. I can imagine Obama addressing that comment with humor, of course. But you never know. Amerika? Right?

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