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The Reporter Rihanna Told Off Has More To Say


Liz Jones is basically the worst. That’s saying something considering she writes for The Daily Mail which is all-around awful all on its own. Somehow, Liz takes it to a higher level. Anyway, after she dedicated a whole article to Rihanna being a shitty role model and got seriously called out for it, she decided to come back for more and has hit out at Rihanna yet again and defended her decision to write the piece.

From Metro:

‘She [Rihanna] posted a picture on Twitter of herself smoking two giant marijuana joints and had done concerts in Twickenham to an audience of very young girls. Her audience is very young but she’s giving off a very adult message.

‘It’s ridiculous for her to say she isn’t a role model because young women look up to her, they want to be her and do the things she does.

‘She’s got so much going for her – she has an amazing voice, is very beautiful, has a strong, powerful body – I don’t understand why she has to bring these other elements into it.

‘Showing yourself knickerless, prone – I criticised a recent fashion advert for using the same imagery – why are they always leaning over as if they’ve just been ravaged? Why is that the pose women have to take? Surely women are stronger than that and Rihanna has more control over her image than a model has.

‘The picture with Chris Brown where she’s kissing him and he looks completely uninterested sends the wrong message to young women.
If a man beats you up, you should never talk to him again, you shouldn’t forgive him and shouldn’t write songs to him.

‘There’s more that comes with fame than money – there comes responsibility.’

I mean, I sorta kinda get what she’s going for, though I don’t agree with it. Being famous doesn’t automatically give you the responsibility of doing shit everyone is going to approve of. I totally think Rihanna is out of control and a total hot mess, but the only kids she’d be responsible for would be her own, if she had any, and she doesn’t, so this is moot. If you don’t want your kid emulating Rihanna, don’t let your kid watch and try to be Rihanna. It’s a pretty simple formula, here.

I also agree that women don’t need to be portrayed in weak positions, but Rihanna seems quite confident with her sexuality. No one’s MAKING her post the images she does – she does it of her own accord. As for leaving Chris Brown, thank God that relationship is finally over and while it was absolutely ridiculous that she went back to him, again, she doesn’t owe it to anyone else to have left him – she owed it to herself.

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  • Sorry, but you’re wrong.

    Whether she likes it or not, she IS a role model. She doesn’t like it? Tough. I don’t like the fact she gets paid millions of dollars to not have a real job, however, that’s the world we live in. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, and to much is given, much is required (isert other olde time-y saying here) and if she wasn’t ready to receive some criticism, she should have dropped off into obscurity. Or I don’t know…stop posting instagrams of you smoking pot looking like a skank.

    Secondly, it’s incredibly stupid and naive to assume that you as a parent are going to tell your kid not to listen to a type of music, and then have them comply. Have you learned nothing from ‘Footloose’?

  • She is one of several role models for aspiring skanks, co-dependants and trailer park trash types. It’s surprising since she comes from Barbados but some stupid girls want to date gangster rappers and flaunt prison chic.

  • The problem is… What the fuck? Was she smoking diamonds? Of course she is entitled to her so-called artistry…. but maybe when she’s older she might look back and see that she was acting just like Marie-Antoinette… Very feeling above and unconcerned with the masses.

    Let them eat cake, bitches.