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Russell Brand Is “Devastated” By Katy Perry’s Comments On Their Divorce


Katy Perry made some recent comments to Vogue magazine about her divorce to Russell Brand, namely that the last time she communicated with him was when he asked her for a divorce via text. This “devastated” him. Here’s why, from The Huffington Post:

He’s devastated by what Katy has said, given that they’ve been in contact on numerous occasions. He can’t understand why she would say all these things.

A few things can happen now:

— Katy Perry says she was misquoted.
— Russell Brand denies this story.
— Katy Perry clarifies her comments with, “We’ve been in contact but only about legal matters” blah blah.

Interesting that Brand didn’t address the part of the interview where Perry got all mysterious and ominous about the “real truth” behind their divorce.

Mr. Brand has said only very kind things about Ms. Perry since their split. He’s said that he “loved” being married to her and that she is, “a lovely beautiful person.”

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  • Of course Brand only says good things about Perry. He doesn’t want to ruin his chances of getting laid. He is wise enough not to ‘brand’ himself as ‘creepy’ or ‘hostile’ or a ‘kiss and tell’ kind of guy because that is the kiss of death for his sex life and there isn’t anything more important to a man like Russell Brand than their sex life with as many females as possible. lol.

  • It could be that Katy Perry is just a classless boob and can’t stop being catty. At least Russell Brand knows how to act with some class when speaking about her.

  • NEWSFLASH: Russell Brand played Katy Perry like a piano in the middle of a boring, empty room. He just married her, stuck around and pretended to “love” her easily manipulated duck in a barrel gullible little heart, and waited for the time frame to get half to arrive. Once it came, two years later (approximately) he could legally obtain the “dues” that he felt he probably had earned for dealing with her as long as he needed to. So, when it was finally time to collect, he went took the easiest way to break the news, by text, and it was the best text he ever sent, earning himself the 20 million (or whatever crazy large sum of money he got, which is the SOLE reason why he MARRIED her so quickly). He made a very ballsy and well planned move, and evened the playing field for the women that have taken half of SOOO many rich men’s assets. Well done on his part, as he is a master manipulator…and NOT SURPRISED the slightest bit that “the ugly duckling syndrome” Perry fell for it and went in head over heels! I don’t know if I am proud of him or just feel bad for her, but one thing is for sure, FINANCES were driving his actions and believing that she had tamed the known womanizer because he was so “IN LOVE” with her! LOL I really do feel bad for her. She was like a pathetic, clueless little doll that didn’t even realize she was about to give away half of her assets to this dude that PLAYED the #1 hottest MAXIM girl (which never should have happened, as it may have steered her clear of this whole mess). So, the BIG SECRET is out. I am just amazed that nobody has realized this yet!?!?

    A former addict, still self centered but witty, intelligent and charming enough to play it cool
    An average looking, not-so-confident girl, that was at the time named hottest girl by a pretty big magazine, making her a prime target w/ ugly duckling syndrome
    RECIPE FOR DISASTER for her (and a REALLY BIG paycheck for him)

    Oh well. Too bad, so sad…

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