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4Is Mick Jagger Getting Married To L’Wren Scott?

mick jagger

Mick Jagger kind of makes me want to throw up in my mouth just looking at him, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I suppose I can conceive of the fact that designer L’Wren Scott has found love in a hopeless place with the Rolling Stones rocker – for the past ten years, in fact. Apparently the pair are planning on getting married in the near future, which I’m sure exactly none of you care about.

Mick has had two wives previously (and a loooooooove affair with David Bowie, to boot!), but L’Wren wants a ring on it.

From The Sun:

But acclaimed fashion designer L’Wren, 46, wants them to tie the knot and has been dropping heavy hints.

Members of the Stones entourage have even dubbed her “So When?” due to her determination to marry Jagger, who turns 70 next month.

A band insider said: “She’s been on Mick’s case non-stop. What he liked about her at first — apart from the obvious — was she absolutely didn’t try to tie him down. She’s a stylist, designer and has a jewellery and perfume range. Mick loved the fact she was totally independent.”

Apparently she feels like she’s never been accepted by the band’s inner circle or some shit. Not sure if marriage would help that, but let’s go with it and wish them all the best, shall we?

July 1, 2013 at 12:30 pm by Jennifer
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4 Responses to “Is Mick Jagger Getting Married To L’Wren Scott?”

  1. Cindy says:

    They’re a goofy looking pair.

  2. blasted1 says:

    I’ve heard that Mick Jagger is as tight as the bark on a tree when it comes to money. He’ll only marry her if she signs (in blood) a locked down, air-tight pre-nup.

  3. kimchee says:

    Isn’t she AMBITCHOUS? LoL

  4. Anonymous says: connection

    Mick Jagger has a Twin Flame, she wrote a book about her
    special connection before miss Black Bean stalk came into the picture ….. A very magical story , He through away something very real and special! Idiot wind!

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