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Amanda Bynes Thinks Zac Efron Has An Ugly Face

amanda bynes zac efron

I think it’s pretty clear that Amanda Bynes spends 95% of her time sitting around thinking about how ugly everyone is in comparison to herself. On her list? Jay-Z, Drake (of course), Miley Cyrus… and now Zac Efron? I mean, Zac Efron does absolutely nothing for me, but I don’t think I’d ever describe him as “ugly”.  Then again, I’m operating on all cylinders and have better things to think about than what people look like. Not Amanda, though:

amanda bynes tweet

LOL. She deleted this very soon after posting it, along with her latest “Drake is ugly” tweet (yes, she actually posted that again), though she did take time to declare her love of surgery, her plans to have more of it and her absolute disregard for what anyone thinks of her so long as her bank account stays fresh.

I wish she’d turn it up a notch if she’s going to keep being crazy. Just calling people ugly is pretty boring, I think.

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