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Kat Von D’s Mermaid Wedding to Deadmau5 Called Off Amidst Cheating Rumors

kat von d deadmau5

Kat Von D just can’t catch a break, can she? First, she’s dumb enough to get with Jesse James besides knowing he was incapable of being faithful. Then she shacks up with Deadmau5 who has a dumb name, thinks proposing on Twitter is romantic and… is also a dirty cheater, apparently. You know what that means: no mermaid wedding! :(

Of course, we found all this out on Twitter (where else?) when Kat started airing Deadmau5 out yesterday (Wednesday) morning:

Well… okay. Can’t really say anything about that besides: girl, you need to stop with these nasty ass bros. You’re a boss tattoo artist and your make-up line is far better than I’d like to admit. You put eyeliner on better than anyone I’ve ever seen (LOL)! Wise up.

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  • She must have awful self esteem based on her dating history. She has NEVER dated anyone as cool as she is. Ever. It’s unfortunate. I really hope she finds someone who is actually smart enough to value her, because all the guys she’s dated have been to dumb to see how lucky they were.

    She’s also been weird and insecure ever since she stopped drinking. I miss the old Kat.