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amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes got her breast implants removed, is now an A cup [The Superficial]

Does Cameron Diaz just never age or is that the miracle of Botox? [Lainey Gossip]

Farrah Abraham seriously won’t stop posing topless [Taxi Driver Movie – NSFW]

Chrissy Teigen got brave and got naked for ‘GQ’ [Drunken Stepfather – NSFW]

Kim Kardashian is into breastfeeding, after all [Amy Grindhouse]

Is it really so bad if Selena Gomez goes full-blown bohemian? [The Frisky]

It seems Jessica Simpson is just about ready to pop [Celebslam]

Kelly Rutherford has been forced to declare bankruptcy [Celebitchy]

Wow, little Suri Cruise sure is growing up fast [Splash News Online]

Justin Bieber gets a visit from the police again in Calabasas [Starpulse]

To be honest, Ashton Kutcher‘s Steve Jobs biopic doesn’t look that bad [ICYDK]

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren are apparently still in love [I’m Not Obsessed]

Drake got turned away from the Miami Heat locker room [IDLYITW]

Hey, remember all those people Amanda Bynes called ugly? [theBERRY]

Kourtney Kardashian took Mason to the beach and he raised hell [Socialite Life]

Anna Kendrick gets all the movie roles now [Lainey Gossip]

Some celebrities really like doing nude yoga, so there’s that [Taxi Driver Movie – NSFW]

Crystal Renn is still skinny, still getting sexy for ‘Vogue’ [Drunken Stepfather – NSFW]

Unfortunately, Johnny Depp is still rocking the homeless look [Amy Grindhouse]

Well, Kate Moss‘s iPhone case is certainly surprising [The Frisky]

Madonna blames poor parenting for gun violence [Celebitchy]

George Clooney‘s former piece Elisabetta Canalis has gone off the rails [Celebslam]

John Travolta vows to look after James Gandolfini’s family? [The Blemish]

Want to know how many surgeries Kris Jenner has had? [Yeeeah]

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  • Every single time I click on a link that is supposed to take me to the “Taxi Driver Movie” website, it just brings me to a hardcore porn site. I understand it is NSFW, but come on.. I want to read the articles referenced in your “theAMlinks” section without having to sift through disgusting porn, and it would be nice for them to actually be somewhere within that mess.. because they are nowhere to be found. It’s just straight up porn every time I’ve ever clicked on said link. Pretty gross that a respectable gossip site would actually advertise and promote a porn site. Real classy, ladies..

    • Get a grip – Taxi Driver Movie is an adult/nude website. Don’t click on it if you don’t want to see it!

    • 85% of the links lead to half naked/totally naked/naked on purpose/naked by accident stories. I remember when the links used to go to, you know, interesting stories. Now it’s all “OMG CHECK OUT THIS UPSKIRT”, “RANDOM WOMAN IS TOPLESS” and so on.

      • To be honest, tally the above. Only 6 can be construed as “naked/upskirts/body” etc and 17 are normal stories. Not sure where the 85% figure comes from, to be honest.

        Also, Taxi Driver Movie is a site that features what I suppose one could describe as “porn” – but every single link goes straight to their site. I put them in myself so I know this, but I’ve also clicked on them myself to test Anonymous’s theory… looks like you’ve got a virus or something on your computer if you’re being directed elsewhere.

  • ” I remember when the links used to go to, you know, interesting stories. Now it’s all “OMG CHECK OUT THIS UPSKIRT”, “RANDOM WOMAN IS TOPLESS” and so on.”

    I started reading this site years ago when Sasha was running it, I found it through a google search for Paris Hilton upskirt pics. This was back when everyone was getting out of cars without underwear. Evilbeetgossip always had all the nude celeb pics, those links have always lead to smut.
    This, however, does not excuse the fact that when you click on the taxi driver movie links, they lead to a porn site and NOT the articles the link says they do.