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Was This James Gandolfini’s Last Meal?

james gandolfini

James Gandolfini died 3 days ago of a heart attack in Italy and The Mirror claims to know what his last meal was, thanks to a source at the hotel where Gandolfini was staying. I know this all sounds macabre as hell, but I thought it was interesting. I’m curious about morbid things like what someone did or said on the very last day they were alive, especially when their death was sudden and unexpected.

Here’s his staggering alleged last meal, via International Business Times. It’s a doozy.

According to the Mirror, the Sopranos actor ordered back-to-back portions of fried prawns with mayonnaise chilli sauce and a large portion of foie gras for his last meal with his son.

He apparently also downed two rounds of pina colada, each with two rum chasers on the side, followed by two beers. The whole meal added up to a massive 2,730 calories.

A friend of Mr. Gandolfini’s is insisting that the actor did not drink that much at the meal, saying, “Except for the foie gras, looking at what was listed, all of that stuff is something I had with the family yesterday and the pina coladas were virgin pina coladas, they were drunk by his son” (Fox News).

Still, it all sounds like something Hunter S. Thompson would eat. As a snack!

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