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Kylie Jenner Has A Gross New Piercing

kylie jenner after earth premiere

Kylie Jenner, the lesser Jenner, showed off a new piercing on her twitter account. I think it is gross. Not as gross as a belly button piercing, but pretty gross. This is my own opinion. Maybe you think her piercing is awesome. Whatever. That’s your burden.

So what did she pierce? Her nail. Her long-ass, hopefully acrylic nail.

kylie jenner nail piercing twitter

Is this a thing now? Curious about getting one? Here’s some info on the process from Nail Art Journal:

The procedure itself is very simple. A small hole is drilled through the nail plate with a special instrument and a stud is placed through it. You can do this at home, but considering the danger of hurting and breaking your nail, it is wiser to invest in having it done professionally by a manicurist. Usually the ring and little finger are the ones that get pierced, because they are the least active; besides, piercing looks much gentler on them.

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  • you have really never seen this? this is an early 90’s late 80’s thing.

  • I’ve never seen this either. I don’t see what would be gross about it, but it does seem pointless and weird…like…why is that there? I think I know what it is. It’s because once you’ve had your nails stylized in some way, they are more like a fashion accessory than a part of your body. By piercing the nail, it’s as though she has opened the door to some strange dimension where people accessorize accessories. What’s next mini-pants for the fingertips of gloves?

  • I saw this done once before about 30 or so years ago and it was this girl’s real nail, no polish. I thought it was a pretty nervy thing to do, considering most people’s nails are tempermental at best. She did have a hard time painting them, though….yes, she did that herself, too. She said she heated up a needle with a pair of plyers til it was REAL HOT and then just passed it through her pinkie nail. She also says it stinks like crazy..

  • Did this in the early 80’s on my natural nail. Looked cool at the time but didn’t last long. First snag and there it went.

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  • This isn’t a thing, it was a thing in the 90’s. God knows why she thinks its a good look now. I wonder if ‘gross’ is kind of a stretch though

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  • i think i did it in ’92…she’s not new and trendy. i’m with Diana though…it broke within a week.

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