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Anthony Kiedis Tackled By Security Guard For Trying To Enter A Hotel

Anthony Kiedis music festival

Anthony Kiedis didn’t wake up this morning expecting to entertain us all by getting in a fight with a body guard for The Rolling Stones, but when you’re in The Red Hot Chili Peppers, these things are bound to happen. I’m sure this happened to Flea at least 6 times by now.

Mr. Kiedis was in Philadelphia walking into the Four Seasons when he was stopped by a slender security guard in a suit who wouldn’t let him in. He actually blocked Kiedis with his entire body. And then suddenly, boom, they’re tackling each other, while paparazzo and onlookers are shouting, “HE’S THE LEAD SINGER OF THE READ HOT CHILI PEPPERS!” to absolutely no avail. It reminded me of this:

The guard apparently worked for The Rolling Stones, and was keeping people from entering the hotel because at that moment, The Stones were leaving. Of course The Rolling Stones are now saying that the guard doesn’t even work for them, “at least not directly. The Stones source says it’s possible the bodyguard was hired in Philly to supplement the band’s regular security.” (TMZ).

Here’s video of the event, brought to you by TMZ.

Who doesn’t love a good celeb sidewalk scuffle?

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