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Amanda Bynes Celebrates Fixing Her “Birth Defects”

amanda bynes

Oh man, Amanda Bynes. Not a day goes by that she’s not doing something slightly… questionable? Okay, downright nuts. We all know she loves her a bit of plastic surgery and has admitted to undergoing several nose jobs for some issue she swore she had, but now she’s taken it to the next level for congratulating herself for undergoing so much surgery for her “birth defects”, which apparently included “webbing” around her eyes. Oh dear. Let’s let her Twitter do the talking here, shall we? (You’ll want to read this from bottom to top.)



What a deep thought: “There is a surgery for everything that’s wrong with you.” Huh, you sure about that, Amanda? This is rough.

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  • i’m convinced she’s NOT fucking with us. that’s some straight up insecurity that needs DEEP therapy. body dysmorphic disorder… big bummer – sorry, girl.

  • Can someone explain to me what the hell is webbing around her eyes? I don’t see any birth defect in old pictures of her, if she’s delusional about this why would any doctor agree to operate on her. She looked and looks fine, sad she can’t see it.

  • I believe this is all a very entertaining hoax. I won’t be convinced its real until we see that she’s definitely had plastic surgery. I don’t think her dimple piercings are real either.

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