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Jenny McCarthy Is Modeling For A Hamburger Chain Now

jenny mccarthy carl's jr

When Jenny McCarthy isn’t staging interventions and crusading against immunizations for children, she’s… modeling for a hamburger chain. That’s right, Carl’s Jr. has secured the in-demand star (LOL) as the face of some of their new shitty salads. Lord almighty.

Here’s what Jenny had to say about the lucrative and not at all hilarious deal (from US Weekly):

“I’m excited to be the new Carl’s Jr. salad babe. I’m loving all the ingredients in their new salad,” McCarthy tells Us. “Each bite is scrumptious and a little nutty. Reminds me of a few exes I’ve dated.”

LOL a little nutty! Get it?! Shut up.

In any case, apparently this isn’t even a new thing. This was an actual aspiration for Jenny – she’s been TURNED DOWN by Carl’s Jr once before! HAHAHA! Proof:

Oh man. Dark days, people. I’ve only ever eaten at Carl’s Jr once. We don’t get them on the East Coast (and certainly not over in the UK), but I was in San Francisco a couple of years ago and I hadn’t eaten anything but a granola bar since the day before and it was 11pm, so I picked up a cheeseburger on the way to the hotel I was staying out before passing out asleep. I woke up 2 hours later and threw it up. Happy eating!

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  • Carl’s cant afford the lighting/touching up/post production work her face needs!

    Ps.. Carl’s Jr. is nasty, and does anyone else hate that voice over douche they use in all their commercials as much as I do????? UGH.