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Will Baby Kimye Make Her Debut On ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’?

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Well, America’s William & Kate ruined a child’s life by welcoming their first baby on Saturday in Los Angeles nearly five weeks ahead of schedule (‘cos don’t even play me and try to say homegirl delivered naturally). While we still don’t know baby Kimye’s name, we’re already talking about where she’ll make her exclusive debut, with many guessing that she’ll show up on Keeping Up with the Kardashians since the show is still filming for the next few months. Oh, goody!

From Deadline:

Her sex was revealed on the Season 8 premiere of E!‘s Keeping Up With The Kardashians less than two weeks ago. And now the baby daughter of series’ star Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Kanye West, born today in Los Angeles, will likely make her debut on the hit reality series later this season. Keeping Up With The Kardashians is currently in production and is slated to continue filming for another couple of months. But unlike the lavish special on Kardashian’s ill-fated wedding to Kris Humphries, the youngest member of the Kardashian clan is not getting her own E! special, at least not for now.

According to a rep for E!, the network will air the previously scheduled Episode 3 of the show’s eighth season tomorrow night and there are no immediate plans for a baby special. The extent of newborn’s presence on Keeping Up also is unclear as father West has vowed never to appear on the show again and recently told the NYT that he will be protective of his child, claiming that she “isn’t America’s baby.” The girl’s arrival also coincides with new grandma Kris Jenner‘s promo campaign for the July 15 launch of her syndicated talk show and is likely to give her appearances a boost.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are both the worst in their own unique ways, but I’m actually torn on what’s going to happen here. Kim lives for reality TV and being seen and will no doubt want to paste baby Kimye’s face on every surface going, so it seems naturally that she’ll be on the show. Kanye is vehemently against any of this shit, which begs the question of why the hell they got together in the first place and what they actually have in common when their core values are so starkly different (supposedly).

What do you think? Will this baby be on the show or will they give an exclusive premiere to People or something first? Will Kanye succeed in keeping the baby out of the public eye?

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  • Seems like she had pre-eclampsia and had to give birth early. I am not one to speculate on her goings on, but as a mama who had pre-eclampsia, it is a good thing to know that they are okay. I don’t care WHO a mama is, reality or no reality – pre-eclampsia is horrible and can be life-threatening, and its really brutal to be induced. With that said………..

    who cares!

    We collectively need to NOT watch that show and the ratings need to drop before they all go away from our “reality”. It’s a group effort people.

    • Maybe YOU had pre-eclampsia (for which you have my sympathy), but Kim had a panicked vanity c-section, which is known in my medical circles as pre-eKIMsia. She was a monster at eight months and there was no way in hell that she was going to put on any more of that, uh, pregnancy weight. As for the baby, her face will be on a billboard on Sunset before the week is out…just write the monthly checks, Kanye and be glad you’re out of it.

  • If a baby “supposedly” weighs in at under 5 pounds….something is amiss. I am sticking to my guns and calling pre-eclampsia. That baby was induced. Brutal!

    It’s too easy to say it’s “vanity”. That’s so obvious. Her legs looked like mine, except that I wasn’t stoopid enough to wear stoopid heels that pregnant. Pregnant elephant legs and high blood pressure suck.

    Babies born that small are going to have some challenges. I am thinking that there are going to be many moments in the next month that the “baby fantasy” is gonna kick some karmic ass.

  • I’m sure little,”klamydia,Klap,ATM ,kash.kabbage “will definetly make a appearance how many scripted roles can they come up w/this kid will be the new “money maker”until she gets bored..

  • I hope there is a premier in People and then they just take some family time. Kanye just um….released *cough leaked* his album so he might be able to take some time off. Kim……IDK but I really hope she just takes some time off from the chaos. It is definately not the time to be stressed or trying to do too many things.