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Michael Jackson’s Death Was An Accident, Says the Ghost of Michael Jackson

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Conrad Murray is currently behind bars where his sorry excuse for a physician ass belongs, but a court case is still ongoing between Michael Jackson‘s estate and AEG, the concert promotion giant who basically tried to make millions off of the late star even if it killed him (and still after it did). Anyhoo, some weird ass “evidence” entered the courtroom this past week when Lionel Richie’s ex-wife (LOL why) Brenda Harvey claimed that Jacko’s ghost visited her and cleared up any confusion by insisting that his death was an accident. What in the actual fuck?

From The Sun:

AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips stunned the wrongful death trial by claiming Jacko had insisted from beyond the grave that his death was an accident — and cleared Dr Murray.

He told jurors at Los Angeles County Superior Court: “Brenda called me to tell me that she was in communications with Michael, either through a medium or directly.

“She said Michael told her it wasn’t Dr Murray’s fault — that he had accidentally killed himself.”

Many in the court burst into laughter, but judge Yvette Palazuelos let the testimony STAND.

Wow, that judge sounds way good at his/her job! Definitely capable of logical and rational thinking, to be sure! This case is going to turn out just fine! But wait, there’s more:

Phillips, who once managed chart star Lionel, was responding to questions about an email he sent in August 2009 suggesting Murray was not to blame for Jacko’s death at 50.

He wrote to an AEG colleague: “I think I know what MJ died of and this would exonerate Conrad.”

Phillips said he could not recall what he meant. But after questioning he offered up the spooky explanation.

A Jackson family lawyer objected, calling it triple hearsay as Phillips was relaying a conversation with Brenda, who had spoken to a medium who allegedly contacted the late singer. But the judge rejected this.

Oh, brother. Sorry, I can’t type anymore because my eyes are rolled so far back in my head that they got stuck there. What a load of nonsense. I guess I’ll enter the courtroom next and claim that Michael Jackson spoke to me through a Ouija board and admitted to being a secret Nazi. That should really stir things up! What a joke.

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  • I personally feel that ghosts are real. However, there is absolutely no way that this should be admissible evidence since paranormal activity has never been confirmed as something real by the mainstream scientific community. In court, obviously, one must provide testimony/evidence that falls within the bounds of logic and our current understanding of physics in order to prove anything. I mean, what if we had people of different religions testifying against each other and claiming that his/her God told him/her the Truth about some situation? Even if one of the deities is real, we have way of knowing which one that is. By this judge’s logic, we would have to blindly accept both as real, even though the two sides would necessarily offer conflicting views.

    • Also, even if some ghosts we hear about are real, some of them will not be because people lie about all kinds of things, and without physical proof that a ghost exists, every ghost may be invented out of thin air. Were the lawyers present educated past grade school? This is not a difficult argument to make.

      • Damn Mike, being such an educated person, I’m sure you understand that the “burden of proof” in a civil trial differs vastly from a criminal trial….right? In a civil trial, one only needs to show a “preponderance of evidence” not “beyond a reasonable doubt. Randy Phillips was certainly entitled to testify about a conversation he had with another person. Even if the testimony offered is a crock of shit.

      • Okay, he’s entitled to testify. Is the judge required to admit any and all testimony no matter what? Is there nothing that can be stricken from the record?

      • Of course the judge can’t admit any and all testimony. If someone is giving testimony about a conversation they actually had with another person, it isn’t hearsay and is kept on record, even if it’s batshit crazy. Welcome to the American legal system….. Remember, there’s a huge difference between actually committing a crime, and being guilty in the eyes of the law. Ask O.J., Mark Furman, John Delorian, etc…..

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  • Guess the Jackson family still won’t face reality and come to terms that Michael was an addict.

  • What is the deal with all this MJ stuff lately? Is this why Paris wanted to commit suicide? The media hasn’t shut up about it since the day of her suicide attempt. What a bunch of heartless, greedy, psychopathic assholes the celebrity tabloids are, eh??????

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