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Seth Rogen Thinks Amanda Bynes Needs to Stay Off Twitter

seth rogen

I don’t know about you, but I don’t necessarily look to Seth Rogen as a bastion of well-spoken life advice and deep philosophical thoughts. Maybe I lack imagination, but I sorta look to him as someone to smoke some blunts and eat a pizza with, but maybe that’s just me. He does seem like a genuinely nice bro, and is obviously intelligent and articulate and all that good stuff if his random soundbite on Amanda Bynes is anything to go by.

Amanda Bynes loves calling people ugly, so Seth considers it a bit of  a coup that he’s so far managed to escape her scorn. Still, with all her insanity out there on Twitter for the world to see, he thinks social networking might not be such a great idea for Amanda.

From Mashable:

“I’ve avoided the wrath so far… I think it’s a difficult temptation. If you’re the type of person that has poor decision-making abilities then having instant access to thousands, if not millions and millions of people, is maybe not the best thing for you. A lot of these people are really proving that. When it used to be harder to expose your insanity to the world, it was probably more beneficial for, you know, people who were crazier. Now, with a 140 characters, you can really change your perception of people instantaneously or people’s perception of you. I’ve typed and deleted several tweets that could have been potentially threatening.”

I feel that. My last few tweets have been about a particularly delicious lunch I cooked, breaking a million points on Bejeweled Blitz and an eBay auction for some amazing new running shoes that I eventually won (please, try to finish reading this article before you rush off to follow me). In any case, I see a lot of insane shit come down my timeline  and often wonder what in the hell is wrong with people. Same with Facebook – 95% of my short friends list is hidden from my timeline to save me from the bullshit.

Anyway, I do think the feedback Amanda gets on Twitter probably perpetuates her mental health issues because she gets so much positive feedback from followers who are either just as batshit insane as she is or just think it’s funny to take the piss out of her. Then again, if she didn’t have Twitter, we’d probably all assume she was dead since it’s her official PR outlet. What to do, what to do…

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  • Well, when was the last time she had a great role in a movie, several years? Her twitter crazziness is really not gonna help her career, in movies at least.

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