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Is Natalie Portman Too Old To Play A Teenager?

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Natalie Portman apparently signed on to Dare Me, a film described as “Heathers meets Fight Club with teenager cheerleaders” (from Deadline via Huffington Post). There’s no word on who Ms. Portman would play or anything about her character. Though the film centers on teenagers, it seems unlikely she would play one, as she is now 32. However, her Oscar winning role in Black Swan was that of a early-to-mid 20 something, so I guess anything is possible. Here are some older actresses who have played teens:

— Stockard Channing was 34 in Grease.

— Ari Graynor was 25 in Nick And Nora’s Infinite Playlist.

— Ann-Marget was 22 playing a 15 year-old in Bye Bye Birdie.

Stacey Dash was 29 when she did Clueless.

Calista Flockhart was 31 playing an 18 year-old in The Birdcage.

and the biggest one of all, to me:

— Rose McIver was 22 playing a 13 year-old in The Lovely Bones.


What do you think? Could Natalie Portman still play a teenager?

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