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Evil Beet Item Of The Week: Amanda Bynes T-Shirt

hardcorsophomore amanda bynes t-shirt

Here at Evil Beet, we spend a lot of time online, so it’s only natural that one of us would wind up buying an Amanda Bynes t-shirt. And maybe one of us is saving up for the Amanda Bynes hoodie.

We’re going to try a new thing at Evil Beet where we show you some of our favorite stuff. Starting with this incredible Amanda Bynes tee, “Bow Down” by HardcorSophomor for Red Bubble.

The shirt comes in a variety of cuts, styles, sizes, and colors. Your typical T-shirt style starts at $24.54. A hoodie is $50.40. You can also get it as a giant sticker for $2.40.

Don’t judge us, you know you want one too.

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  • She’s retweeting people who tweet pictures of themselves wearing that t-shirt. Girl loooves the attention.

    I wouldn’t wanna wear one of those shirts. She’s either just acting this mental breakdown for attention, in this case fuck her, or the whole western world is watching her die, which would make wearing that nothing but bad taste.

    How will you feel about that t-shirt in your wardrobe when she is found after an “overdose”?

  • this is in such bad taste, i can’t believe it! the girl is mentally ill, severely ill. she is falling apart and you’re making money off of that. disgusting.

  • Lolz. My cheap ass buys t shirts on sale at walmart for $3. Looks pretty snazzy sometimes if I accessorize. One of these might class me up a bit!

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