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MIA Is Really Pissed at the NY Court System


As you may recall, MIA is embroiled in a pretty intense custody battle with her ex, Benjamin Bronfman, over their 4-year-old son Ikhyd and it just keeps getting worse. MIA wanted to take the kid to the UK, Benjamin put in a court order to stop it and that was that. However, MIA is getting a bit fed up and has now filed an order claiming that the kid’s human rights have been violated by not allowing him to go back to the UK, even though the court argued that taking him back when his father lives here would be unfair. Dramaaaaaa!

From TMZ:

Filthy rich baby daddy Ben Bronfman — son of Seagram’s billionaire Edgar Bronfman Jr. — got a restraining order in March … blocking M.I.A. from taking her son to her homeland — England.

M.I.A. is now challenging the order, claiming it amounts to international child abduction.  She’s filed legal docs in New York federal court, citing The Hague Convention as proof the NY state judge had no authority to block her move to England.

Baby daddy Bronfman isn’t going down without a fight … we’ve learned he’s filed legal docs of his own making a case that moving his flesh and blood over the pond would be a travesty.

Bronfman and M.I.A. — who both still live in Brooklyn — were never married and split up last year.

Also, I omitted the last sentence of TMZ’s reporting, which seemed to be some thinly veiled racist ass Muslim joke about the baby never seeing “a virgin… 747”. Uh, way to be assholes, TMZ (though why am I surprised?).

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