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Justin Bieber’s Bodyguards Are Out Of Control

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Justin Bieber, for once, isn’t to blame for this one. Well, that we’re aware of. It’s his bodyguards who are causing problems. Apparently they’re under investigation (and not for the first time) for battery. We all know Bieber isn’t capable of beating “the f-ck” out of someone, no matter what he says. Here’s the story from TMZ:

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Bieber and co. were at a hookah lounge in Hollywood when someone — not a paparazzo, just a regular person — tried to snap a pic of the Biebs. We’re told one of Bieber’s bodyguards tried to stop the person from taking pics and some sort of scuffle ensued.

The would-be-photog eventually called police, but when cops arrived on the scene … Bieber and co. were gone.

We’re told cops have opened a misdemeanor battery investigation. Bieber is not considered a suspect and it’s unclear what role (if any) he played in the incident.

TMZ notes there have been 3 separate similar incidents, and that Bieber was directly involved in one of them when he ordered someone on his staff to steal a photographer’s camera.

It’s definitely time to send him into orbit. And soon. Yesterday he tweeted,

Wrote another great song last night. Focused

Would it have f-cking killed him to put a period at the end? That’s bothering me so much. I mean, aside from everything else that bothers me about Justin Bieber.


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