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Holly Madison Shows Us What A Woman Actually Looks Like 3 Months After Giving Birth

holly madison body 3 months after birth

Holly Madison showed off her bikini bod in early May, a mere 6 weeks after giving birth to daughter Rainbow Aurora. I thought she looked great and not overly photoshopped. But these “candid” photos of her jogging are a lot more realistic. She obviously looks fantastic, but you can see some stretch marks and tummy a little less taut and a little more soft than she usually has. I really love her for this. Yes, it’s an obvious publicity ploy — we all know she called the paparazzi to shoot her jogging — but I still love it.

According to the Daily Mail, this is how she’s getting back to her pre-baby body:

Throughout her pregnancy Holly stuck to a healthy diet and exercise regime.

After Rainbow was born, Holly consumed 1,100 calories a day to help shed the excess 40 lbs gained during those nine months of pregnancy.

1,100 calories is SCANT, especially considering she’s working out every day. Hope she’s getting a lot of protein..

For those of you who gave birth, how long did it take to get your body back in shape, or at least to a place where you were satisfied?

holly madison jogging


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  • I looked ok but I didn’t look like THAT. And never, in the history of my life, have I ever looked like that while taking a jog. Where’s the red, sweaty face? Matted hair? Running makeup?

  • I don’t remember because I was very busy taking care of my first (and only) child. Having a bit extra wasn’t exactly a concern for me. lol

    Also, who the fuck wears high tops jogging???

  • About two months to get lower than my pre-baby weight. Sitting at about (don’t weight every day) 127lbs and I’m 5’7″. Earned some tiger stripes though! lol put on 65 lbs while preggers. I <3 breatfeeding. It made life so much easier. Never bothered to work out. She certainly does make it look easy though. And pretty sure I haven't done my makeup since either lol.

  • One month after having my baby, I’ve lost all but 2 of the 32 lbs I gained, and without exercising or anything. But I have some serious stretch marks, and my weight has definitely re-distributed itself! My tummy is saggy and my boobs are huge, but I lost weight in my face and in my butt (probably from lugging around that big old belly lol)!

  • I have no opinion either way of her “persona” or anything other than – I appreciate seeing her thicker legs, a little jelly in the tummy, a few stretches and a fold at the top of her muffin……we all have had a variety of changes being pregnant in different ways, but she obviously had a baby and I think she looks NORMAL – which is a lovely breath of fresh air from the ridiculousness that I won’t even name in the post-baby weight world photo shopping world. The 1,100 calories I am calling a bluff on. Breast feeding with those few calories is dieting. I don’t see a body that is dieting. I see normal, healthy, post-baby weight loss. Thanks for doing it normal Holly (at least the illusion is there). She probably rocks at breast feeding with those boobs! That burns a LOT of calories.

  • She looks great and all, but clearly she is no real runner. Can someone buy her some actual running shoes?! If she keeps jogging in nike dunks, she’ll have stretch marks AND shin splints lol.

  • I love how confident she is. It makes her even more beautiful! Plus childbirth has made her hips ever so slightly bigger, which in my opinion, is extremely sexy for women.

    I was okay after my first child, body wise, but after your fourth kid it’s a lot harder to bounce back. Taking me a lot longer this time around. lol.

    Holly Madison, you just gained yourself a fan!