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Paris Jackson Called A Suicide Hotline And Left A Goodbye Note

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Paris Jackson was taken to the hospital for a rumored suicide attempt that is nearly confirmed. And more details have emerged. I want to hug this girl. Apparently before her attempt she called a suicide hotline and wrote a suicide note. From TMZ:

Paris Jackson left a suicide note and then cut her arm with a meat cleaver … TMZ has learned.

Sources with an intimate knowledge of the situation tell TMZ … Michael Jackson‘s daughter called a suicide hotline and the person on the other end was alarmed enough to call 911.

Our sources say in addition to cutting her right forearm, Paris had taken a large number of Motrin pills.

We’re told once Paris was taken by stretcher to an ambulance and then transported to a nearby hospital, she was placed under a 5150 psychiatric hold for 72 hours.

She received “numerous stitches” for the cut.

As for the suicide note … we do not know what she wrote.

Thank God for the people who work at suicide hotlines. I don’t know how they do it. I’m not sure if I could.

I’ve never been in Paris’ situation and cannot imagine. It must be hard to lose a parent. Not saying that her dad’s death has anything or everything to do with this, I’m just saying I don’t know what that’s like and it can’t be easy. There’s been a lot of sadness in her life.

Her attorney maintains that she is “physically fine” so I guess there’s a little bit of good news there.

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