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Pamela Anderson’s New Ad Is Banned for Being “Sexist and Degrading to Women”

Pam's sexy photo shoot

People are always hating on Pamela Anderson. She’s just trying to squeeze the last of the money out of her knockers and suddenly people have to go and get all politically correct on her. Sheesh.

Pam’s in a new ad for some web hosting company called Crazy Domains (???) in which she’s part of the fantasies of a bunch of men in a boardroom. Pretty standard shit on everyday TV, if you ask me. But the Advertising Standards Agency received four complaints about it and shut that shit down. God, if only the world at large worked like that.

Here’s the statement they released after banning it from airing again:

“The ASA understood that the ad was intended as a parody of a mundane business meeting and was intended to be humorous and light-hearted.

“[However], we considered that they were also portrayed sexually throughout the ad, not just during the fantasy sequence.

“We noted that even though they were wearing business attire, their shirts were buttoned down so that they were exposing their bras and cleavages.

“We considered the ad was likely to cause serious offense to some viewers on the basis that it was sexist and degrading to women.”

Well, okay. I can think of about 50 things off the top of my head that are far more degrading to women, but a Pamela Anderson commercial that I’ve never seen before or even heard of seems like a good place to start addressing the patriarchy, sure, why not.

Check out the ad below – what do you think?

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  • Extremely degrading. Not appropriate for tv. Never would I want young children to think this how they should grow up.

  • Demeaning. Positively. However, after having worked with and for men in an office setting forever, I have no doubt some of them are thinking exactly this. I heard two guys AT CORPORATE OFFICE OF A NATIONAL ORGANIZATION WITH A CONSERVATIVE REPUTATION talking about one of our hotter associates…..something about her on a pool table and disgusting things they wanted to do with her. You can put suits on them but……

  • no one’s ever happy you people bitch and moan about everything..not appropriate.racist,exc.get a life it’s tv take it with a grain of salt or move the fuck on and stop bitching.

  • yah…maybe but then SEX SELLS! and she should squeeze all she can out of them(her boobs) they still look pretty good…for now…but let gravity take hold and she will need an assistant to hold them up…

  • I agree, it repeats a typical stereotype that has been perpetuated for a very long time. But I don’t see a problem with representing things as they are in the real world, whether you agree with it or not. Lets face it, the reality is most Office guys are not that attractive so the use of “average” looking fellows at the Boardroom table is really quite realistic and in no way degrading to me.

  • I agree. This ad is VERY demeaning to men. It suggests that ordinary men only think about sex with beautiful female execs. In all my years, I have never had a good looking female boss. They looked like ‘Adam’ in a dress! If you use ‘ordinary’ guys, you should be REQUIRED to use ‘ordinary’ women!

  • I can’t view the video, but I find it funny how TV is taking this moral stance when there’s SO MANY things on TV now that are demeaning, incredibly inappropriate and simply unsuitable for kids (or anyone, really) to be watching.

  • Get over it ppl it’s just a web site naming ad. Jeez everything has to be put in a catagory these days Let it go and move on with your lives.

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