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Once and For All, Beyoncé Isn’t Pregnant

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Gayle King, who has made of living off of all the famous people she knows rather than the one she could have been herself (love you, Gayle! I took a picture of your butt when I chased you around at that party at Diane Von Furstenberg’s last year!), has some big news: Beyoncé isn’t pregnant. Like, for sure! How does she know? Well, instead of releasing a statement to the world at large, who won’t stop speculating about another baby Jay-Z, Bey’s reps released a statement to Gayle insisting that the pregnancy stuff is just stupid rumours. K, sounds legit.

On CBS This Morning on Wednesday, Gayle said:

“I got a call yesterday from Team Beyoncé, you guys, and they’re basically saying, ‘Stop the crazy – she is absolutely positively not pregnant at this time’.

“It’s a crazy rumor that started that they can’t seem to stop, and so they wanted us to… know she’s not pregnant.”

King added: “It’s true that she and Jay-Z absolutely want to have another baby, and when the time is right, when they decide the time is right, they will share it.”

I’ve never thought Bey was pregnant again (I see you, haters who think she was never pregnant even with Blue Ivy!), particularly because I’m going to see the Mrs. Carter tour in August and I like to refuse to believe shit that doesn’t suit me. But yeah, anyone who’s seen her during a recent show or even on Chime For Change can tell there’s no baby hiding around in there. Thanks for clearing it all up, though, Gayle.

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