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David Lynch And Lykke Li Teaming Up For A New Album

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David Lynch doesn’t do a whole lot of stuff lately, aside from the odd meet-up with Russell Brand, so when he announces a project, I’m all up on it. So this is for the rest of you David Lynch fans, all 4 (maybe 5?) of you. Filmmaker David Lynch released a music album (loose definition of “music”) in 2011 titled “Crazy Clown Time” (no, really.) This time he’s going to work with indie darling Lykke Li. There’s also going to be a Bob Dylan cover. Some more details from The Guardian:

Whereas Lynch’s last LP was generally portrayed as a weird dance album, The Big Dream is described as “a hybrid, modernised form of low-down blues”. “Most of the songs start out as a type of blues jam and then we go sideways from there,” Lynch said in a statement. “The blues is an honest and emotional form of music that is thrilling to the soul. I keep coming back to it because it feels so good.”

… Whereas the last record included a cameo by Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O, this time the visiting muse was Lykke Li, who sang on a bonus track called I’m Waiting Here. “She brought her own style to this song, which has a doo-wop sort of thing going on, but in a way it’s far removed from the 50s,” Lynch said. The album also features guitar by the director’s 21-year-old son, Riley.

Please enjoy one of my favorite David Lynch videos ever, in which David Lynch sums up why you shouldn’t watch a movie on your cell phone.