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What The F-ck Is Happening On ‘The Bachelorette’?


Admittedly, I got pretty sucked into The Bachelor last season, but only because it’s awful, I’m a masochist and I was being paid to liveblog it for another site. That being said, I’m not on The Bachelorette duty, which is a shame because Desiree – one of the Sean’s cast-offs – is a hot mess and it seems like I’m missing out on some good shit. Take this, for example: apparently Soulja Boy (Tell ‘Em!) turned up on last night’s episode to do a rap video with Des and the guys? I’m not sure what’s happening or why, all I know is that it’s insane.

I mean, I’m just going to come out and ask this: What in the hell is wrong with white people? Note: I’m a white person, and don’t even go there in the comments because you know exactly what I mean by that. This is just so awful and uncomfortable and full of SMDH moments that I can’t even. That being said, I love it. Never have I been so uncomfortable watching people make fools of themselves as I was watching this.

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