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WTF Of The Day: Canadian Law Enforcement Thought Dan Aykroyd Movie Was A Snuff Film

dan aykroyd murderer

Canada, you make it so easy! I love this story so much. Someone found this damaged film in a landfill in Calgary, Canada of what appeared to be a distraught man standing over a dead body. They turned it into the Calgary Police who looked it over and finally someone somewhere glanced at it and said, “Guys, that’s Dan Aykroyd.” I’ll give them some leeway as the image was from a film that nobody saw, probably not even SNL alumnus Mr. Aykroyd himself. The hilarious details from TMZ:

Law enforcement officials in Calgary, Canada tell TMZ the dump worker found the damaged film on Wednesday afternoon, and turned it in to police … thinking he had stumbled upon evidence in a murder.

We’re told the employee didn’t recognize Aykroyd, but once investigators cleaned the dirty negative they spotted the ghostbuster. Problem is … they couldn’t tell which one of his nearly 100 flicks they were seeing.

Police then contacted All American Speakers — a company that books celebs for events — and also Dan’s reps … who revealed the scene was from the 1990 bomb “Loose Cannons.”

So what did Dan “Remember When I Played Britney Spears’ Dad In Crossroads?” Aykroyd have to say about this?

The movie should have been left in the landfill where it belongs.


Dan Aykroyd is a cool dude. Here’s a fun, heartwarming story for everyone to enjoy. My best friend was celebrating her birthday in a restaurant in NYC and DKroyd happened to be there. My friend is a big fan. Someone at her table went up to him and told him that it was her bday and she loved him, so he came over with a birthday card he made on a napkin, complete with a fun little drawing. She had it framed, and it was the best gift ever. Which made my gift not nearly as good, and I spent a lot of time picking it out, too. You know what fuck you, Dan Aykroyd.

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  • Bahahaha that made me freakin spit beer out my nose! Fuck you Dan Aykroyd! Lol! And I love Dan Akyroyd! :)

  • LOOOOOL classic!! All of this. He WOULD do that for your buddy! Friggin’ nice guy. Married to Garth’s dream girl from Wayne’s World. A+++, Danny boy.