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Tom Hardy Takes Cancer Patient Fan On a Date

tom hardy

I don’t know much about Tom Hardy except for the fact that he’s apparently behind a lot of lady wood, if you get my drift. I can now add to that knowledge that he seems like a really sweet, stand up guy after reading that he took a fan – who is battling an aggressive cancer – on a date and gave her a diamond necklace.

From The Canterbury Times:

YOUNG mum Kayleigh Duff had a dream date with film star Tom Hardy during a break from her cancer treatment.

The 23-year-old spent yesterday in London with the film star, who appeared in Inception and The Dark Knight Rises, as part of a surprise organised by her friend Katie Birch.

Meeting him was one of the items on a wish list she drew up after being diagnosed with the same rare and aggressive form of cancer that killed her father when she was just eight.

Another wish was to get married, and Katie organised a wedding photoshoot with model Danny Wisker, which attracted national media attention.

She appeared on ITV’s This Morning after the ‘wedding’ and Tom Hardy’s fiancee’s sister saw the item and contacted the show.

Kayleigh, of Wye Green, Herne Bay, said: “I nearly died when I saw him. I was shaking – I just thought we were having a day out in London.

“Tom’s fiancee Charlotte and Katie arranged it all without me knowing and he was so lovely and down to earth.

“We had lunch and tea and scones and he bought me a diamond necklace.”

That’s lovely! Seriously, nothing else to even say about this – it was just a really solid thing for him to do.

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