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Is Mila Kunis Mean?

mila kunis london

Mila Kunis AKA Meg Griffin, was apparently really mean to a 12 year old fan. National Enquirer reports that the fan approached Ms. Kunis at a roller skating rink in the valley (lol) and asked if she could get a photo with her. Kunis literally turned her back on her.

The little girl gushed that she was a HUGE fan and just loved Mila’s movies. But Mila just stared with frosty eyes when the girl asked if she could take a photo with her. Without even giving her so much as a brief smile or thank you, Mila literally turned her back on the kid, whispered something to her friend and skated off.

“Then the friend told the girl, ‘Mila doesn’t want to be bothered, so don’t approach her, or speak to her, again.’ The kid turned beet red and began to tear up as she watched Mila skating around laughing with her friends!”

Ms. Kunis has been in London up until at least 3 days ago, so unless she just got back or this anecdote isn’t recent, maybe the fan was wrong and that chick wasn’t actually Mila Kunis.

IF this happened, here are my thoughts. And these are my thoughts about celebrities in general. I don’t have anything against Mila Kunis. She’s just the example here, since this is a story about her. You can replace “Mila Kunis” with the name of pretty much anyone else with a similar career.

Celebrities don’t belong to the public and they have their own lives. They don’t have to do anything for us. They don’t have to take photos or sign autographs or do shit. And they don’t have to be nice about it either. That being said, f-ck you, Mila Kunis. Though you’re talented, you still got a damn lucky break going from That 70’s Show to the A-list and if you’re going to be okay with putting your face all over magazines and giving interviews and putting yourself out there for the public, then you need to be okay when the public — the people who support your career with their money every time they go see your films — asks for 30 seconds for a photo. I don’t care if this happens to you 15 times a day. That’s still 10x better than having a normal 9 -5 job. You’ve clearly forgotten what it was like for you when you started out and no one knew your name, and maybe you don’t realize how many actors who are just as talented as you are aren’t getting the work that you’re getting, and how many of them would be so happy to be where you are. Yeah, I know, “Ugh, this is my life here, am I obligated to do this for the rest of my entire LIFE?” yes, too bad, that’s the weird thing about being a celebrity, and  even weirder is the day when no one will want to take a photo with you anymore, because someone younger will have replaced you, and no one will care about you, and you can have the entire roller rink all to yourself. If you don’t want people to bother you, don’t play into the Hollywood publicity machine.

In conclusion, shut up, Meg.

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  • Wow seriously? Come on Mila has been in London for the past few months…this story is BS

  • My thoughts exactly about those (if not Mila then whoever) who sell their souls to become famous then act like they hate their fans. Especially kids. Come on, man.

  • Maybe she was more freaked out by a 12 year old child having seen her movies. Doesn’t she mostly stick to PG-13 and R rated movies?

    This story also sounds fake. I mean, Mila probably is mean because she’s dating Ashton Kutcher and she’s probably hungry because she has to starve herself to keep getting movie roles. And I’m supposed to believe that Mila Kunis was hanging out at a skating rink in the valley?

  • Your Celebrities Simple Guide to Etiquette is brilliant. Let me mention again how critical the simplicity part is, because that means that the average celebrity may even be able to understand parts of it.
    Here’s another spin: what if MK was an elected official, i.e. she needed our votes to stay afloat, could she get away with even one nasty incident without the press having an uber cow about it. Elected officials have to be nice, because we vote for them (which still matters, as GOTV drives show) and pay their salaries.
    Extending to your “Guide”, celebrities should think twice about being nasty to fans because we pay their salaries (very indirectly, unfortunately), too.
    Can anyone think of a major celebrity who almost bit the dust because of fan specific behavior? Just askin’

    • Obviously the Guide needs to be edited down to simple language-and no profanity!-so it fits on one 8-1/2 x 11″ sheet of paper, double spaced, in bold.
      Of course, no one will read it, just as no one will read the concise, edited-for-the -ime-challenged little book I wrote about cell phone etiquette (an oxymoron?)….sign…

  • Mila Kunis drives by my apartment building every week and shouts profanities at me. She also goes to nursing homes on Sundays and punches random old people in the face.

  • Mila Kunis means “angry / ugly” in Chernobylian – her native language. If that’s how she looks after hours of makeup, I fear that it would be heart-stopping to see it first thing in the morning without makeup. Dats sum scary sheet du……..

  • I was at a Dairy Queen when Mila Kunis pulled up. A homeless guy asked her for change. She threw a cup of coffee in his face then proceeded to curbstomp him. She started laughing maniacally then yelled “you want change? I just changed the way you look!”

    So, yeah, she’s a terrible person.

  • Oh my gosh this is SO accurate ! I also have direct evidence that she is very mean. You know how many times she has come to my house and offered some intimate wonderfulness ? In ALL the years since she’s become famous on tv ? None. I know, right ?!!? NONE ! Maaaannnnn, that girl’s got a mean streak in her a mile wide…

    • I really hate people who quote- Haters hate-(On Taylor Swift shirt) like that its bad to hate “sinful tramps” who do dirty deeds to get money.You must a Taylor Swift fan too I bet $1,000,000 cash you stole that line from Taylor’s shirt she now wears after she got caught doing scandals and know she cannot read her own comments because fans are cussing her and insulting her to extremes with hate fro her going bad on them and changing her promises to stay virgin, not wear black, not have a string of boys, not drink or drug or represent sex or dress that way in front of kids,dumping fanmail in dumpsters by the tons. Taylor lied on every promise she made to get support back in 2007-2008. People cuss her by 200,000 and leave her death threats by atleast 1000.

      • I do nothing but read news and keep up with all articles and photos everyday. I know it all when it comes to scandals or arrest or bad photos (busted) I have been in tune for over 8 years on all of them. Taylor I knew when she first started and followed all articles ever since 2006. All little quotes of innocent good girl promises gone to he11. THATS WHATS HAPPENS WHEN THEY GET RICH & DIRTY -ALL DO WRONG AND GO BAD IN SIN(SATANS COLLECTS SOULS LATER DEAL-THEY DIE YOUNG IN STARDOM)

  • You know what I read on the internet that she was really mean to a 12 yr old girl and people believed it because everything on the internet is true. Then all the ppl called Mila names because ppl who read shit on the internet are fucking retarded.

  • because celebrities just go skating in roller rinks all the time. I mean I’m amazed how many times I see Tom Hanks just skatin on by me. This girl was twelve do you know how many times I mistook strangers for celebrities (frankly more than I’m proud of) I mean come on. Since when is a twelve year old a reliable source for an article??

  • I don’t know which contains more stupidity and ignorance, the article, written by this ‘Catherine’ person, or the slew of hateful and mind numbingly brainwashed comments. FIRST of all, this is the INTERNET, not often a place for cold hard facts or truths.

    Second of all, Yes, Mila has been in London all this time, which is only ONE of the reasons, this story is complete BS. Who is this 12 year old? is she calling up the tabloids to talk about her supposed encounter? her parents? older siblings? Does this 12 year old even exist?.

    Thirdly, What an ignorant article in general. You don’t know Mila personally, but you lump her into the mythical category of “celebrity” to describe her, dismissing the fact that she’s just a HUMAN, and is not a super species that you and every brainwashed hollywood fan, makes these actors/musicians out to be. Also, besides this 12 year old girl rumor, and maybe 1 or 2 other weird rumors, Mila has had ZERO bad things said about her, by fans, fellow actors, directors, TV show hosts, extras on movie sets, etc etc etc. Saying she’s the nicest girl you could meet in Hollywood. She has stated many times, that she hates how people are in Hollywood/LA and if it wasn’t for her Family living there, and loving the ACTING part (not paparazzi, not photoshoots, not interviews) she wouldn’t be there. Her traveling non stop in recent years and enjoying London life for months, is maybe proof of that.

    Having said all that, I can at least understand lumping all “celebs” into one category, since there are so many, who actually fit the description in this article. Big headed, endless famous stories of their horrible antics or attitude on set, in interviews etc etc (Again, Mila doesn’t fit this description, if history is anything to go by), hate for any fan who stops them to talk or take a photo, showing up late everywhere, “creating” brands named after themselves (J’LO, Paris Hilton) to sell, and so many other things.

    If someone is mentally screwed up enough to not have the common sense, to see that if 2 people are having a nice quiet dinner with family or whatever, that you DON’T just barge up to the table, and ask for your stupid piece of paper to be signed or to take photos. That’s disrespectful and thoughtless, I don’t care what job they have, their job, or obligations are NOT to satisfy you, while enjoying their down time! UNLESS they go out of their way to get it, and then complain, which has never seemed the case with Mila. I don’t think being buried in the background of a little bar or restaurant, in private, being low-key, dressing down, really screams “craving attention” does it? It’s been tweeted about and reported on that if not for paparazzi stalkers, they were blending right in with everyone in the bar/restaurant.

    • Maybe she wasn’t ragging that day when she felt generous to sign an autograph to you -if that is even true what you say yourself. How can anybody take your word for it. I belive news & articles before I’d believe some die hard fan..Who won’t admit these people become snobs or think Taylor Swift is innocent and still a virgin(ha ha ha she has a vagina as large as her guitar hole by black rappers,,55 young boys not counting 50 more not listed as celebs and lesbian girls like Selena,Ellen,Emily,Miley,Demi,Katy Perry,Madonna,Britney,Dianne Argone(LGBT GAY RIGHTS ACTIVIST AT WASHINGTON DC BY THE WAY) STUPID FANS WON’T BELIEVE IT EVEN BY PHOTOS OR TAYLOR TELLING THEM ON CNN SHE IS NASTY& BISEXUAL AND DOES USHER OR TPAIN(THEY WOULD SAY ITS AN IMPOSTER- NOT TAYLOR SAYING THIS TO US HA HA FOOLS!)

  • I would hate-fuck the shit out of Mila Kunis for this travesty…

    Actually I wouldn’t. The Story is fake. Get over yourselves.

    Because I’ve asked her for her autograph and she stood and talked with my fiance and I for a few minutes in front of Mann’s Chinese Theater.

  • She is a snobby cunt is what this washed up white trash trailor park 70’s show tramp is.Nobody should watch her show or anything she does. Stop giving celebrities money. They will go broke and get out of your minds. People are ignorant. Don’t support these people and they can’t last long in the business. That goes for all. She and prostitute Taylor Swift and all and stupid Miley who is no innocent youngster trying to find herself(bullcrap) I knew adult life at 15 years old and never did anything out of norm.They do this on purpose-teach them by hate not support.

  • You people that defend her as nice are just full of lies of fan lust for naked perversion-she is mean to people- Man got 3 years in prison just trying to meet her in a laundry room at a apartment she was staying in. He never touched her or got that close but trying to speak to her and she ran to her car,drove fast and called police- pretending like she’s a victim of attack like a helpless little 9 yr old. Then does adult nude porn pictures like a tramp prostitute a month after that by an old rusty car. That was in news stories not tabloids- So now tell the one who knows it all and stays in tune constantly that its a hoax. You people are just liking her for sex lust like yuppy perverts over your playboy books… I say she is rude and will call the cops on anybody like she is a saint. Like others do who pretend they were tough guys and bada$$es got scared when a 19 yr old jumped their fence and frantic called police hollered “help” out of fear think he would beat them up and possibly kill them-so they hired 200 security gaurds like cowards after that(like Taylor Swift hiring 20 body gaurds because Kanye scared her by punking her out or some teen jumped her fence-paranoid arent they- but pretend to be bada$$ on videos and shooting guns with Shania Twain dressing like negro hoodlum gangsters but fearing their own shadow.

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  • I dunno who she slept with to be named worls hottest female or whatever. All i need to do is walk out of house and find hotter women x10

  • I’ve heard this several times, my friend once saw Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis in rome, he suggested Ashton Kutcher nice restaurants and places to visit and before leaving heard Mila say ” Ashton stop fucking talking to people” so yeah I’m not surprised about this post