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Whoa, How Weird: Roman Polanski Says Stupid Things About Women

roman polanski with his wife

Roman Polanski, sadly known more for being a child rapist than for his films, said a lot of befuddling things about women at Cannes. His words would be a lot more offensive if they weren’t so hilarious, hilarious because of how confusing and bizarre they are. From Breitbart:

(AP) CANNES, France–Roman Polanski says the birth control pill has had a “masculinizing” effect on women.

The director said the pill has “changed the place of women in our times,” while talking to reporters Saturday at the Cannes Film Festival. He was there to premiere his film “Venus in Fur,” adapted from the David Ives play.

Polanski said the leveling of the sexes is “idiotic” and lamented that “offering flowers to a lady” has become “indecent.”

Was something lost in translation here? His quotes sound like someone playing a game of Mad Libs with a pretentious friend. Thankfully, nothing Roman Polanski says matters at all to anyone, so we’re good here. And none of this changes the fact that Rosemary’s Baby is an amazing film, and yes, that is a fact.

Enjoy these photos of the smarmy faced Polanski at Cannes with his stunning actress wife, Emmanuelle Seigner.

And by the way how much does this photo


remind us of this?

justin bieber bodyguard lol

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  • First of all, Roman Polanski is the worst. He was OJ before OJ was OJ. That said, if you would contend (as I would) that the sexes are equal, can you do a little better than tacitly validating the stigma against males in relationships with women who are taller than them?

  • Love his films, hate the man and hope he gets his jail time. The quotes however don’t strike me as offensive – I’d need more context. Yes, the pill has changed the place of women – they actually get a choice. As for for the ‘indecent’ reference – I know girls who get offended and angry when a man buys them gifts, holds the door open or insists on paying. Depends on the woman I believe.

  • Disgusting man, I won’t support him by watching any of his films, do the same with many many other horrible human beings that somehow managed to become worshipped in our celebrity culture. Ugh, he is just sick.

  • The hypocrisy shown through the years towards this man by the movie industry leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. If this had been done by a toothless homeless man to a child, they would have formed a gang of pickets to get that man in jail while they still fawn over Polanski.