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Jennifer Lawrence’s Stalker Has Been Arrested

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Jennifer Lawrence is sort of universally recognised as amazing at this point, so of course she has a stalker. Even f-cking Clay Aiken has a stalker. Anyway, some 23-year-old bro has been harassing Jennifer’s brother Blaine and finally, police arrested his crazy ass.

From The New York Daily News:

A Canadian man is facing charges that he stalked the brother of Jennifer Lawrence after authorities say he repeatedly insisted that the man put him in touch with the Oscar-winning actress so he could protect her, according to court documents.

Zhao Han Cong, 23, of Vancouver, British Columbia, was ordered Friday to remain held until he could undergo a psychiatric examination to determine if the case against him can proceed.

FBI agents in Louisville charged Cong on Monday with interstate stalking and repeated harassing phone communications. Lawrence is a native of Louisville.

Cong’s attorney, public defender Donald J. Meier, requested the psychiatric exam. Meier didn’t cite any specific behavior in making the request, though prosecutors did not object. Cong has not yet entered a plea.

FBI Special Agent Richard Boswell III wrote in an affidavit that Cong started contacting “B.L.,” who is identified in a related state court record as the actress’ brother Blaine Lawrence, on April 4. Lawrence received numerous phone calls and text messages from “Ted” on his work cell phone at 2 a.m., Boswell wrote. Boswell said “Ted” was later identified as Cong.

The phone calls and text messages came from numbers with area codes in California and Colorado but were later traced to Cong.

I can’t with people. First of all, anyone desperate enough to start stalking a celebrity (and/or their family members) has a mental issue, 100%. Normal people do not do that. Normal people are like, “Damn, JLaw is fine and she’s so funny! I wish we were BFFs! Ah, well, let me watch Silver Linings Playbook again” and then they move on with their lives. Nutsos like Cong take shit to the next level of insanity with crap like this.

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  • I know what terrible repercussions stalking has had in the past and I probably shouldn’t share what just flashed through my mind when I read that the guy’s name is Cong….oh, well! I just had a vision of King Cong going up the Empire State Bldg. with Jennifer Lawrence.