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Someone Who Is Supposed To Be Debra Messing Is On The Cover Of More Magazine

debra messing more magazine photoshopped cover

I’m sorry, but I simply had to highlight this More magazine cover. Debra Messing is apparently their June cover gal but I swear on my first scroll, I thought this was Avril Lavigne. Once I saw the title was More I put it together, and then I saw her name. I don’t care how much plastic surgery she may or may not have gotten, the photoshopping on this cover is more obvious than every Kanye West gay rapper blind item.

“You’re telling me that magazine covers — major magazine covers — are photoshopped??! NO, CATHERINE ST. IVES, YOU MUST BE MISTAKEN, AND IF THIS IS TRUE, THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION!” — I totally get it. BUT what really gets my eyes rollin’ over this is that More magazine is about boosting the self esteem of older women, or to use their less blatant phrasing, More “Celebrates women of style and substance with articles on style, health, work, spirituality and relationships.” Right now one of their featured stories on their home page is “What A Healthy Body Looks Like — Four Women ages 37 – 67 show off their fabulously fit bodies.” And yet, I guess Ms. Messing’s body wasn’t fabulous enough, as her body and especially face is more smoothed over than most Toy Story characters.

ANYWAY, WANT TO KNOW WHAT DEBRA MESSING IS UP TO? Do you expect her to talk about Will & Grace? Well, you’re going to be disappointed. Here you go. From More via Extra:

Messing revealed that she initially turned down the role of Grace, which put her on the map as one of America’s funny girls. In fact, she rejected it several times before finally agreeing, saying, “I didn’t want to be, for a lack of a better word, a fag hag. And I didn’t want to be just the pretty, straight girl in the corner while the guys did all the funny stuff.”

Messing won an Emmy for the role in 2003. She was also nominated eight times for a Golden Globe, yet never won. “I would just start shoveling chocolate in my face [after losing] because I’d been eating brown rice and salmon for weeks trying to fit into a dress that was a sample size and now it didn’t matter if the zipper popped because, hey, I didn’t win.”

Just kidding, of course she’s going to talk about Will & Grace. What the hell else is she going to talk about, the endurance of the 2008 remake of The Women she starred in? Or Smash? Name 4 people who watch that.

I’m cranky when I’m hungover. Oh but I’ll say something nice now: that’s bullshit that she never won a Golden Globe.

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