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Geri Halliwell Still Doesn’t Think The Spice Girls Musical Sucked

viva forever

The Spice Girls musical, Viva Forever, may be closing on the West End after less than a year, but that doesn’t mean it’s terrible! Well, not in Geri Halliwell‘s eyes, anyway. She went to see it again earlier this week and insists that it’s actually “good entertainment”.

From her blog:

God only knows why things don’t work.

It’s 11pm and I’ve just come back from the West End theatre show Viva Forever! – To say goodbye.

Over 4 years ago it started with a conversation in a Kitchen; Laughing… Joking… full of promise, dreams & optimism.

We managed to get one of the most successful Theatre producers to do our show! A great writer, our Spice music… I felt confidant – almost cocky it was going to be a huge success.

Opening night – In my Cinderella prom dress with my fellow Spice Girls, so proud of us having a West End show!

It didn’t work – 6 months later, it’s closing.

What went wrong?

Was I biased? Blinded because it was a show with our music?

Was it the lighting? The set? The choreography? The press? The story?

It had a bumpy start but the cast and director worked really hard, made great changes, and I can hand on heart tell it’s not shit! – It’s good entertainment!

She goes on and on about the project and how much it means to her, which is great and all, but it doesn’t change how poorly executed it was. It’s true, on the surface Viva Forever should have flourished. Jennifer Saunders co-wrote it, for Christ’s sake. Plus, who doesn’t love Spice Girls songs, even on just a nostalgia level? I mean, come on!

Ah, well, I guess Geri will have to go back to giving us all tube riding skills and doing weird dares with her former bandmates.