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Miguel Does The Billboard Awards: Let My Crotch Adorn You

Miguel‘s a talented young lad and he’s got some pretty good tunes, etc. However, it’s a damn shame that the massive mainstream success that ‘Adorn’ received this past year will most likely now be overshadowed by the unfortunate event that took place at last night’s Billboard Music Awards, where he went full WWF on two female fans and gave them a nice close-up of his crotch as he jumped and landed with his legs around one girl’s head. It was… kind of a disaster.

Of course, this is Hollywood (well, Las Vegas, but who’s counting?) and the show must go on, so the two women are quickly pushed out of camera view as another suburban mom – who probably won tickets to stand there on the local radio station in Boise, Idado – takes center stage and gets Miguel to put his arm around her. Rather that than his legs, lady!

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