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Some People Really Want Chris Brown Dead

chris brown

Chris Brown can’t seem to catch a break. People are always trying to hold him responsible for his violent, misogynistic actions and stifling his artistic creativity. Well, now it gets worse: some people actually want him dead and are calling in threats to his lawyer’s office. Is this actually happening? Is it a ploy for sympathy? Who can say, but take ‘er away, TMZ:

The Los Angeles Police Department is currently investigating death threats made against Chris Brown … TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, multiple threats were called in to the office of Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos. We’re told the caller threatened Chris’ life … but it’s unclear what, if any, specific threats were made.

Our sources say Geragos took the threats very seriously and immediately reported them to the LAPD, giving them all the information he had on the calls.

We’re told Geragos filled out a report and the LAPD are currently investigating.

Something in the water ain’t clean here –  I just don’t think this happened at all. After all, Chris Brown didn’t JUST get this reprehensible last week. He’s been an insufferable waste of space for years, so it’d be a bit anti-climactic for someone to get all up in arms now. Is this because of the devil art on his walls? Eh, whatever.