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Rihanna’s New River Island Collection Is Almost Done, Will Be Great For Your “Fat Days”

Rihanna fancies herself a fashion designer as well as a singer, so she teamed up with UK-based clothing retailer River Island for her own collection late last year, the first of which was released earlier this year. Well, now there’s a new one for summer 2013 and it’s full of “pieces” just as ugly as the first time around.

RiRi seems to be a bit confused about the idea she’s going for. She’s said that her idea for the range was born out of her desire for clothes that were “a little shorter [or] have a little more sex appeal”, and also that the line will be great for your “fat days”. Well, the last time I checked, my “fat days” (every day!) don’t make me want to wear a shredded tube top or “shorts” that barely cover my ass cheeks, but whatever. Maybe she was a little distracted after her recent break-up or something.

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