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Usher’s Former Nanny Wants That Overtime Money Now


Usher may be raking it in on The Voice (please do not bring him back next season, NBC), but he’s not paying up alleged overtime wages owed to a former nanny who looked after his two kids, aged 4 and 5 at the time, from 2010 to 2011. The new Larry David now faces a lawsuit from the nanny, which is apparently bullshit (as so many of them are).

From TMZ:

Cecilia Duncan is suing the singer, claiming Usher hired her as a part-time nanny back in December 2010 and she worked her ass off caring for his two sons (aged 4 and 5) often exceeding 40 hours per week.

According to the lawsuit, Cecilia felt like she was being overworked without being paid overtime … and expressed her concerns to Usher in 2011 that she was being shafted.

Cecilia says Usher ignored her complaints for more than a year … and finally fired her ass last September without paying her overtime money.

She’s now suing for wrongful termination, failure to pay wages, and more — demanding unspecified damages. Sources close to the lawsuit tell us she wants in the six-figure range.

People crack me up. You know right well that any overtime she did in a year period – if indeed she was entitled to payment for it and she wasn’t already paid – did NOT total six figures. Girl, sit down. I’m no Usher fan and have no reason to defend him, but this whole thing just stinks of bullshit, so I doubt she’ll be getting any money.

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